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Cebu / Central Visayas
Cebu / Central Visayas Region
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Commercial Warehouse Pest Management Program
Ware House Pest Control

Specifically Designed For the Commercial Warehouse Industry
For Safe and Effective control of General Pest & Rodents

Warehouse and distribution logistics can be complex, with tight standards and regulations. The Commercial Warehouse Pest Management Program, uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions meet or exceed industry guidelines, HACCP compliant documentation and by employing low-impact pest control products to eliminate pests quickly.

Quest Environmental Services is committed to warehouse sanitation / food safety and offers this dependable  Pest Management Program that will keep your products and brands uncompromised.

1) Inspection of Warehouse facilities noting problem areas and areas of high risk
2) Create a site plan noting - exterior bait boxes / interior rodent traps / pheromone traps.
3) Identify Current Insect & Rodent problems and treat with insect specific granular / liquid and gel baits
4) Communicate with warehouse staff, explain site plan, rodent and insect monitoring equipment
5) Provide Customer handbook (includes Product labels / MSDS / Log Book)
6) Documentation Detailing pest activity found, areas treated / products used & suggested improvements

1) Inspection and treatment of exterior perimeter
2) Inspection and Rebaiting all exterior bait boxes
3) Inspection of all insect monitors and traps
4) Interior Inspection and Renewal of all bait placements
5) Communicate with staff and management re: Pest sightings, damages, suggested improvements.
6) Any additional treatment needed
7) Documentation Detailing  pest activity found, areas treated/ products used & suggested improvements

Technician Doing Warehouse Pest Control
Technicial Doing bodega Pest Management
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Bodega Pest Control
The goal of Quest Environmental Services Pest Management Program is to provide a pest free environment and we will return as needed, at no additional charge for inspection and re-treatment within 24 hours of any pest sightings
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